The Senate Plenary approved on Tuesday (21) the bill that regulates the profession of caregiver for the elderly, children and people with disabilities or rare diseases. PLC 11/2016 proceeds to presidential sanction.

According to the text, these professionals should have full elementary school and qualification course in the area, in addition to minimum age of 18 years, good criminal record, and certificates of physical and mental fitness. The work of the caregiver may take place in residences, communities or institutions.

The caregiver’s activity may be temporary or permanent, individual or collective, aiming at the autonomy and independence of the person assisted, ensuring the well-being, health, food, personal hygiene, education, culture, recreation and leisure of the assisted person.

The text of the regulation prohibits these professionals from administering medication that is not oral or guided by medical prescription, as well as procedures of technical complexity. Workers may also be dismissed for just cause if they violate the rights provided for in the Statute of the Child and Adolescent (Law 8.069 of 1990) or in the Statute of the Elderly (Law 10.741 of 2003).

When the caregiver is employed by an individual, for work for more than two days a week, acting at home or in the monitoring of activities of the person being cared for, the contract will be governed by the same rules as domestic employees. If hired by a specialized company, it will be linked to the general work rules.

The rapporteur of the project in the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission (CCJ), Senator Rose de Freitas (Pode-ES), thanked her colleagues for the favorable vote. She said that the profession of caregiver is very much demanded by society, but did not yet receive the necessary support, through training and appreciation.

Rose especially highlighted the caregivers of the elderly, a segment that should be increasingly demanded as the life expectancy of the population increases.

– With longevity, we have more elderly who need special care – he pondered.


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